Christmas Crackers


Hi there.  I thought I’d try and sneak one last Christmas post in before the big day arrives.  I sat down Friday afternoon and made up some Christmas crackers for our family dinner on Tuesday.  We are hosting this year and I like to have special little things on the table that I’ve made.  I started off with a piece of patterned tissue paper, a strip of wrapping paper, a snap, a toilet paper tube and a bit of yarn to tie the ends closed.Christmas Cracker SuppliesThese were pretty easy to do.  I looked up the ‘recipe’ on the internet and found this site which has great step by step instructions.  I decided to use tissue paper for the main part of the cracker and then wrapped the middle with a strip of wrapping paper, but you could use a light weight scrapbooking paper or wrapping paper just as easily for these.Christmas Cracker

I finished them off with a tag and a little poinsettia flower which were cut out with the Cricut.

Tag CloseupSo are you dying to know what’s inside?  I kept it simple and fun, and added in some Lindt chocolates and a kid friendly Christmas joke.  Each person will be required to read their joke out loud at the table.   I know my kids will love this.

And on another non-cracker related note, I thought I’d share these photos of our first snow storm of the season.  Here’s looking out our front door.  My poor husband is out shoveling the driveway!December 20th, 2012

And our dear little indoor kitty cat, wondering what the heck is falling out of the sky!

OwletAll the best to you and your families this Christmas and may your cup runneth over!  See you back here real soon.  Happy crafting!


About papercraftnut

I am a working mom of two great kids and married to a wonderful man who is very supportive of my paper crafting addiction! I discovered paper crafts while organizing birthday parties for my kids. It was so fun to make the invitations, decorations and loot bags. The fun hasn't stopped and now I LOVE anything paper!

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  1. Wonderful crackers Tracy and some much nicer when you make them yourselve.

    Certainly looks like you will have a white Christmas. I hope you all enjoy Christmas and have a happy and healthy 2013. I have really enjoyed getting to know you and seeing all the lovely things that you make.

    Love Chrissie xxxx

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